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Private Coaching

Do you struggle to stay on your plan or need help getting the results you are looking for?

Are you brand new to keto and need help getting started?

I can help

My name is Kimberly Powers, and I am a

Certified Ketogenic Life Coach

Dr. Cywes (the "Carb Addiction Doc") says:

"Overeating is not a food problem, it's an emotional problem and until the emotional problem is addressed, we will continue to struggle". 


That's where I come in...

I have two missions when I work with you:

First:  To teach you how to properly get into ketosis quickly and start dropping the weight.

Second, to help you create a life where temptation is not an issue, and self-sabotage ends.  Food will not be the biggest source of pleasure in your life.


When you work with me, we work on all of it - body and mind:


  • You will learn what to eat and when to eat to get into a state of ketosis and begin to release the fat.

  • You will break free from carb addiction mentally and physically. 

  • You will learn tools and strategies that create a "I can do this!" attitude.

  • You will get really tuned into your body and learn exactly which foods your body reacts to (both positively and negatively), so you continue to get the results you want.

  • You will become empowered to manage your own health using food, so your future is not filled with doctors, prescriptions, and pain, but with a vibrant, healthy lifestyle!


My program "Happily Keto" delivers all of this. 

Let's create a custom plan to get you moving forward and getting results.  I will guide you through every step of the way. 

I will be your very own PERSONAL KETO COACH.

Let me help you do it right and get there quickly. 


Invest in your future health and quality of life. 

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