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What's the Hurry?

Sometimes I find myself wishing I could hurry up and reach my goal already.

These thoughts pop up when I am feeling discouraged, weak, or have negative thoughts about myself.

In these moments I want to rush to reach my goal because I carry a belief that when I am “there”, I will feel so much better, and life will be so much better.

Intellectually, I know this isn’t true.

There will always be something I am reaching for and there will always be feelings of discouragement, weakness, and negative thoughts about myself. I am human.

If I think about it, where I am NOW was once a goal of mine.

The sad part is, I forgot to enjoy the success I have already created.

I am “here”. I have arrived. It’s important to remember and celebrate that.

“There” really isn’t better than “here”.

“Here” is a wonderful place to be too if I choose to slow down and see it.

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