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A Letter From the Future

Where will you be in 5 years? How about one year? Do you have goals and milestones you are trying to achieve? Is your current decision making process going to get you there?

When I look at my life today I know I have come a long way. Sometimes it feels like I wandered into my current life and stumbled into a rabbit hole. A lot of where I am at today was an accident. I know I made every decision along the way but I had no idea where I was really going when I started. Knowing what I know now makes me wish I had learned about this exercise years ago.

I work on my mindset every day. It's a continuous process and I really enjoy it. This is what I know now:

  • I get to create my life and get to choose how I feel in every moment.

  • No one has the power to make me feel anything.

  • My feelings are always generated by my thoughts and I get to choose all my thoughts.

  • I can choose to focus on my future or I can choose to be limited by my past.

  • My goal is not to be "Happy" but to be able to feel every emotion that comes up without letting it take me down or feel like a victim of life.

  • I want to thrive and experience this life I have been gifted while I am here.

  • I want create an intentional future.

I know this process starts with having a clear vision of where I am going. One of the most powerful exercises I have ever done was to write a letter to myself from my future. It can come from anytime in the future but I like to use either a year or 5 years into the future.

Here is how you do it.

Imagine a single specific day. Write about this day in detail. Use all your senses.

What do you look like?

What do you feel like?

Where are you?

Is it sunny?

Are you inside or outside?

Who are you with?

What are you doing?

How much money do you have in the bank?

What brings you joy on this day?

What are you wearing?

Then imagine this future self was talking to you today. She is asking how you did it. Write all of this down too.

How did you get to this point?

What did you do every day?

What habits or skills did you have to develop?

What and who did you have to let go of?

How did you stay motivated when things got hard?

How did you talk to yourself when you messed up?

How did it change you as a person?

How do you feel about yourself today?

Then read your letter every day for 30 days and keep the focus on the future. Live life today as if you already are there. Behave that way, dress that way, practice believing it is true already.

This is really powerful and you can do it. Just practice every day.

As usual, I am here if you need more help. Head on over to my website and book a call with me to discuss how I might be able to help you.

Kim the Keto Coach

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